While others were traveling from around the country and  dealing with flights and rental cars, I travelled the long journey of 15 minutes from Downtown Phoenix to Tempe. Even though I am close to my school, friends, parents and a Chipotle I frequent, I have still learned so much.

My learning started back in December when I first talked with my mentor, Kyle Stokes. Even before the project started, he taught me so much. As a young journalist, the support offered here, not only this week, but from beginning to end, has been so inspiring.

I learned so much about journalism this week in so many ways. And while I have learned so many things that will help me in my career, I’ve experienced some wonderful smaller moments.

I was able to bond with my roommate for the week over classic soul music. I was able to experience the best cookies and pizza at the cafeteria. I was able to laugh after busy days about nursery rhymes.

This week made seven days feel like seven seconds. It feels like I blinked, and the week suddenly ended.

Even though I am local, the stories the other fellows reported on have made me look at the Valley in a different way.

Even though this part of the journey is over, I leave this week feeling good. I’ve been a public radio fan, intern and fellow. Each experience has made me love this medium more.