The Next Generation Radio Fellowship is a week-long digital journalism training project designed to give competitively selected participants, who are interested in radio and journalism, the skills and opportunity to report and produce their own multimedia story. This project, for early career professionals, was produced at KJZZin Tempe, Ariz. in January 2017.

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How a former addict found redemption among forgotten veterans

Veterans on Patrol is a group that was born out of Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer’s concern about veteran suicides. He now oversees three camps, working with volunteers who make sure the roughly 100 men and women living there are fed, sheltered and protected. At night, he and several volunteers bring blankets and food to those living on the streets, and offer to bring veterans to one of the camps.

Author: Liz Tung

by Liz Tung

“Finding Nemo” revitalizes Navajo language for next generation

Before the Navajo Nation Museum even existed, Manuelito Wheeler spent his childhood days playing in the dirt lot on which it stands today. On his playground, nestled between sandstone cliffs in northern Arizona, Wheeler was unaware of just how prominent a role this place would later play in his life.

Author: Katherine Ellis

by Katherine Ellis

A Latino neighborhood and local law enforcement fight crime together

At the Phoenix Police Department’s quarterly Coffee with a Cop event, Rosa Pastrana can typically be found live streaming the west Phoenix based meeting with her smartphone. For the last six years, Pastrana has been the leader of the Osborn Block Watch in the Maryvale neighborhood, and this video feed is just another way she’s working to keep her 832 members on Facebook connected with local law enforcement.

Author: Kristin Torres

by Kristin Torres

Keeping Curiosity Alive

In 2006, at a time of violence and turbulence in Iraq, Mustafa Alalusi and his mother and sister went to Syria. What was supposed to be a vacation turned into a four year stay.

Author: Alex Watts

by Alex Watts

Refugee Finds A Future In Food

Curiosity is eternal. That’s the tagline for the uptown Phoenix boutique, Curious Nature. It’s an idea, embodied in the items for sale on the walls, shelves, and cabinets of this niche store. A puffer fish with googly eyes greets visitors as they walk in. To the left, is a cabinet embalmed with jarred creatures, known at “wet specimens.” To the right is a full taxidermy deer—affectionately named Jen.

Author: Jonathon_Housen

by Jonathon Housen